Finding a Makeup Artist Near Me

Have you ever sat at a computer and searched for ‘makeup artist near me’? I’m sure you were faced with hundreds of sites, and you just thought ‘where do I even start’. Finding a local makeup artist which you can trust is a difficult journey. This is especially true when choosing a makeup artist for your bridal makeup. There are so many makeup artists out there, how can you be sure you choose the right one?


Whilst a google search is a good place to start, it can be difficult to wade through the many makeup artists. So to make it easier, a good idea is to click on the Google Maps tab, this is a great way to find great active local makeup artists. This will also show popular and trusted makeup artists in the area. It will show a rating out of 5 stars and also how many people have reviewed them.

Makeup Gallery

Another thing to check is their makeup gallery, this can be on their website and on their Instagram. You may know the style of makeup that you are after, or may need help in deciding. Makeup artists can differ greatly in style and technique, so checking their portfolio is a must before contacting them. Their gallery will show off their skills, do they stick to one style? Or do they show that they can be flexible and offer exactly what you need? Don’t be afraid to ‘stalk’ their Instagram and even message them if you like what you see, it’s important to click with them and so talking to them is an important step.


Reputation is also an important thing to think about. Who have your friends used before for their wedding makeup? Is there someone they would recommend? Have you ever talked to local makeup artists who work at your local John Lewis or Debenhams? From my experience, these artists are more than happy to help point you in the direction of local freelance makeup artist that they trust. You can also find out the names of the makeup artists who work at these counters and check out their portfolio.

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